90 Minutes In Heaven

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"The most spiritually uplifting film since The Passion of the Christ."
Phil Boatwright, Baptist Press

"A story of faith, family, grit and grace …"
Lisa M. Hendey, author of The Grace of Yes; Founder of CatholicMom.com

"This gripping drama is a strong story of extraordinary faith and perseverance."
Randall Murphree, Editor, AFA Journal

"Awesome, inspiring, and encouraging!"
Rev. Jay Finelli, host and founder, iPadre Catholic Podcast and Blog

"Go see 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN! This powerful faith-based film is in theaters now!"
Jentzen Franklin, Lead Pastor, Free Chapel

"One of the best written and directed faith-based dramas in recent years."

"A soul-wrenching true story of the transforming power of prayer and God’s unfathomable grace."
Patrick Novecosky, Editor-In-Chief, Legatus magazine

"A wonderful film that leaves the audience engaged with hope."
Jacob Sahms, Christian Cinema

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN will restore your hope in the miracle-working power of God and the reality of heaven!"
Kay Horner, Executive Director, Awakening America Alliance

"The hope found in this message is indescribable."
Susan Merrill, author of The Passionate Mom, founder of iMOM.com

"90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN is a powerful, intimate story of survival and faith."

"A stirring film that is about so much more than heaven, with a firm spotlight on the power of prayer."
Michael Foust, Christian News Journal